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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Update

We, the producers of Michael and Joel: At the Movies (aka, the guys actually writing this stuff) would like to apologize for the lack of content, excuses, and general douchebaggery in the running of this site as of late. To be real for a moment, one of us fancies himself a professional writer by day (and night), while the other works while doing grad school. We often come up with creative projects that we don't really have the time to execute properly, and it probably sucks for anyone who tries to regularly follow what we do. While we love writing Michael and Joel, our other obligations pay the bills, score us cool shit or...I'm not really sure why one of us is still doing school. There's no tangible benefit there. But anyways, the point is that when something has to give, it's usually this little hobby of ours. I know some people have been checking the site and wondering where the content is. Rest assured, Michael and Joel is by no means dead (yet), and new content will be coming soon. October has been a brutal month as far as finding time is concerned. A lot of stuff to work on, lots of can't-miss recreational activities in our nearby city and other diversions. We wrote a "review" of Iron Man (though, please, don't expect much) that will likely go up Friday. Once we get over this hump (very soon), we'll get back to trying (and often failing) to be funny. Promise. Thanks for your patience. In the mean time, spread the word.

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