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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Michael and Joel: At the Movies - Launches Tonight!

Michael Bay and Joel Schumacher are proud to announce that their new debate-tastic movie reviews blog will officially launch tonight shortly after midnight with a review of the summer's biggest film The Dark Knight. Sure, it's been out for a few weeks, but they guarantee you haven't seen a review and perspective the likes of their own. The duo will continue to review one film every week, and the site will be updated every Friday. Make sure to tell your friends now, because Michael and Joel: At the Movies is a blog that isn't to be missed--a review site for true fans of movies, not film snobs. Michael and Joel issued the following statement to help users get a better understanding of their approach to reviews.

"Michael Bay and Joel Schumacher are esteemed directors-turned-critics who seek to right the wrongs of “film connoisseurs” at large. While many critics and members of the Academy of Motion Picture Whatever feel that believable acting, great direction, inspired cinematography, tight scripts and resonant messages make good films, their long-winded dissertations on the medium are really just hootenanny designed to make audiences feel like they understand what amount to really boring and confusing movie-going experiences. Fucking elitists. We, Michael and Joel, understand what audiences truly crave, which is why we dispel the bullshit from reviews to focus on what truly matters—big explosions, all-too-clever one liners, awe-inspiring shots of actors looking awe-struck by awesome situations, rock bands with orchestral accompaniment [or Meat Loaf (Meat Loaf is pretty fuckin’ rad) —ed note: Michael] , nice breasts, lots of them, endless gunfire, abundant CGI, more explosions and tacky double entendre [and rubber suits, preferably with nipples—ed note: Joel]. The point is that we know what makes good movies—despite our respective ratings on one collective movie reviews website—and that’s why you, the reader, will find some of the best reviews around on this here website. The two-person reviews are designed to offer spirited quasi-intellectual debates. Joel thought we should call it Joel and Michael, but fuck him! Welcome to Michael & Joel: At the Movies."

Remember, the site launches at midnight with a review of The Dark Knight, and the guys look forward to seeing you right here at

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